Torque Converter Mbw212, W251 V251, S212, W164, W204, X164, W211, S204, W221, X204

W211 E320CDI R6 204CV Torque Convertor Problem 722 6xx

Torque converter mbw212, w251 v251, s212, w164, w204, x164, w211, s204, w221, x204 transmission type 7-speed automatic transmission, transmission type 722.902, equipment variant 182 + a22 + a48.190 kw / 258 hp. 5.5 L / 5461 cc. This is why numerous well-known automotive manufacturers equip their vehicles with SACHS products Every year, more than 10 million new vehicles equipped with SACHS dampers and shock absorbers roll off the production line.